Investment Sectors

We refine Investment opportunities for Organisations with the expertise and financial capability to implement large scale projects in the following sectors


Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development, is one of the Government of Zambia’s priority areas, and is upheld in both the country’s 7th National Development Plan 2017-2021, as well as in the National Vision 2030. Infrastructure projects including Railways, Bridges, Roads, Dams, Hotels, Office Parks and Shopping Malls, Mass Housing and Airports.


Mining is the heart of Zambia’s economy and Zambia is Africa’s largest producer of Copper and Cobalt.  Zambia has several Mining sites that have not been developed, having minerals like gold, copper, cobalt, titanium as well as iron ore. These mines are in urgent need of development in order to be able to operate to full capacity.


Zambia is endowed with a large land resource base of 42 million hectares of which only 1.5 million hectares is cultivated every year. There are abundant water resources for irrigation and the country has 40 percent of the water in Central and Southern Africa. The agricultural sector continues to be the backbone of the Zambian Economy as it contributes to the growth of the economy and also to exports. Primary agriculture contribute about 35 percent to the country’s total non traditional exports (all the country’s exports other than copper and cobalt) and about 10 percent of the total export earnings for the country.


Zambia is in need of Energy improvement following the shortage of the commodity in recent times. The Government is seeking to engage various Private sector Organisations in helping them rectify this issue through Solar, Wind turbines, Geothermal and Hydropower.


Zambia stands out as one of the prime tourism destinations in Africa offering a wealth of natural tourism assets – Waterfalls, Lakes and Rivers holding about 35% of Southern Africa’s total natural water resource, ‘wildlife protected areas’ occupying about 10% of the country’s total land area, and a tropical climate – a passport to sunshine almost throughout the year. Zambia is home of the Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

There is need for more Hotels, Resorts and Adventure Theme Parks in order to meet the demand by  tourists visiting Zambia annually.