About Us

Our Mission

Not only do we aim to provide investment opportunities within the private sector, we seek to create economic growth, sustainability, and stability in the public sector.

Our Vision

To lead investment opportunities in Africa together with Governments by creating  synergies with the private sector across the globe.

Who We Are

Since 2015, Hadassah Hart Consultants has been growing rapidly in Zambia and Southern Africa. We’ve established ourselves in different business sectors through joint ventures with our trusted partners.

We offer a range of support services such as private sector financing to support public infrastructure projects, international corporate clients seeking assistance with strategy planning, market studies, and investments in areas like telecommunications, mining, energy, tourism, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

In recognizing that Globalization presents access to the same pool of investors and funds, we are complimentary to the development strides being made by Government, aiding the ease to do business within the jurisdictions we operate. The advent of covid-19 and other economic challenges has further exacerbated the need to de-risk projects, in this regard HHC invests into project conceptual proposals, developing them to pre-feasibility and full feasibility studies. This model accelerates the implementation of projects into viable businesses spurring economic growth while at the same time facilitating for Government to focus on social investments instead of tying up scarce capital into project feasibility studies.

Hadassah Hart Consultants is also proud to have been appointed to the Joint Trade and Investment Task Team between the Republic of Zambia and the Republic of South Africa. The main objective of the task team is to identify regulatory and policy impediments and standards and propose possible solutions to help create an enabling environment for mutually beneficial trade and investment for both countries. Also to identify and create a portfolio of specific investment projects to be undertaken by the two countries and to mobilise financial resources and funding for the projects to be undertaken by the two countries.

Our Key Leadership

Katambi Bulawayo

Katambi Bulawayo


Katambi is a Zambian entrepreneur with a law background which saw him work alongside Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of England.

With his expertise in the mining and energy industries, in June 2023, Katambi was engaged as a consultant to assist in unlocking the JV between Arc Minerals and its subsidiary companies into Anglo American corporation successfully.

Katambi was also instrumental in the listing of Zambian Zamsort Ltd on the London Stock Exchange through Arc Minerals

Having worked on a 163mw power project from conception stage, Katambi has acquired skills in the Energy sector.

He is a Director and shareholder of Insignia Limited, which owns two mining exploration licences in the Northwestern (Gold and Copper) and Southern (Uranium) parts of Zambia. He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of Hadassah Hart Energy Limited.

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Hadassah Chisanga Chanda - Bulawayo

Hadassah Chisanga Chanda - Bulawayo

Founder & CEO

Hadassah is a determined business savvy individual whose audacious passion for development has seen her embark on formidable projects. She is motivated by a fervent desire to be a change-maker.

Her strong belief in God further spurs the passion for economic development and accelerating  poverty alleviation for communities.

As an Individual of a multicultural background she believes in inclusiveness in order to achieve prosperity for society.

Her expertise include project finance and management, Investment advisory and supply chain management

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