A look at some of the available areas of investments

Lusaka South Multi Facility Economic Zone (Zambia)

Zambia is a land linked country with 8 neighboring countries. As part of SADC, Zambia has access to a market of almost 400 million people. With a good stable political environment, sound investment policies, a good road network, bilateral trade agreements in place and zero foreign exchange controls among many things, The Lusaka South Multi facility Economic Zone’s Export Park is a great place for investors to set up and position themselves for good returns on investment through seamless exports into the region. 

The Export Park is the pillar of the Zone and contributes to the economic development of Zambia by promoting international competitiveness and promoting exports of Non-Traditional Export Products (NTEs). The Zone ensures that exports contribute to economic growth through increased and sustainable production, job creation and competitive export market access.

The main objective is to broaden the country’s export base and increase foreign exchange earnings by providing accurate market information, expanding Zambia’s share of the global market and positioning non-traditional exports in target markets.