Welcome to Hadassah Hart Consultants, your comprehensive Investment Consultancy Firm in Zambia.

Investment Consultancy Firm

Established in 2015 to provide expert Investment consulting services for International Corporate Clients looking to invest in long-term infrastructure and industrial projects. Our repertoire includes mobilising private sector financing and attracting investment opportunities to Zambia and Southern Africa.

In recognizing that Globalization presents access to the same pool of investors and funds, we are complimentary to the development strides being made by Governments, aiding the ease to do business within the jurisdictions we operate. The advent of covid-19 and other economic challenges has further exacerbated the need to de-risk projects, in this regard HHC invests into project conceptual proposals, developing them to pre-feasibility and full feasibility studies. This model accelerates the implementation of projects into viable businesses spurring economic growth while at the same time facilitating for Government to focus on social investments instead of tying up scarce capital into project feasibility studies.

Our mission is to be the investment advice firm of choice for international corporate clients to aid investment into Zambia and Africa as a whole.

“Africa is the fastest-growing economic region in the world. This is the right place to invest.” – Aliko Dangote

Work with us to secure your place in Zambia and Southern Africa.

What We Offer

With our expertise, we attract investors to business opportunities in the rapidly growing Zambian and Southern African Markets. Hadassah Hart Consultants plays an important role of creating a platform for organisations aiming to gain a foothold in Zambia and the Southern African region.

What we specialise in

Infrastructure Development