Our team is hard at working building trust and creating new partnerships across Africa and the world at large. Browse through some of our moments in front of the camera.

Our Chairman after an engagement with the Minister of Mines, Hon. Paul C. Kabuswe, MP.

Our Chairman after a meeting with the Minister of Energy of Zambia, Hon. Peter C. Kapala, MP

Our CEO and our Advisor, Mr. Muna Hantuba after a meeting with the Minister of Defence Hon. Ambrose Lufuma, MP.

Our Chairman and CEO after a meeting with the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon. Chipoka Mulenga, MP

Our Chairman with the Zambia Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Sitali Alubuzwi during a courtesy call at the Zambia Army Headquarters.

Our CEO with the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Reuben R. Phiri Mtolo, MP.

 Our CEO after a meeting with the Minister of Transport and Logistics of Zambia, Hon. Frank Tayali, MP.

Our Chairman and our CEO after a meeting with the Special Assistant to the President of Zambia for project implementation and Security Advisor to the President Dr Lawrence Mwananyanda and Mr Patrick Vidneau of Axian Group.

Our CEO meeting with Director General of the Zambia Development Agency, Mr Albert Halwampa.

Our CEO attending a presentation to the Government of Zambia for one of our projects with our partners from Norinco International. 

Our Chairman and our CEO after a strategic meeting with the Investment team at Industrial Development Corporation(IDC) Zambia.

Our CEO attending a workshop on Transport Infrastructure at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Zambia. 

Our CEO with a team from Beijing Auxin, in a meeting with ZCCM-IH.

Our CEO meeting with Jari Varjotie, CEO of SavoSolar, Finland. 

Our Chairman with Mr. CM Cameron, Political Counsellor at the South African High Commission in Zambia.