Zambia boasts a range of investment opportunities, ready for international corporate clients to sink their teeth into. A few are listed here;


The Lufillian Arc and more precisely the domes region of the North western province of Zambia is currently the ideal geological spot for Zambian mining. We have two exciting copper, cobalt and gold exploration licenses ranging 4sq km and 40sq km respectively. More information is available upon request.


Lake Mweru Tourism Corridor Development

Situated on the boarder between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lake Mweru is a freshwater lake where locals make a living from its shores. The development of tourism facilities will improve the area, including Peninsula and Islands (Kilwa Caves), as well as the already established sport fishing, boat cruises, historical and cultural sites.


Luapula, Northern Railway

Covering 650km from Kasama to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the establishment of a railway line in the Luano District will create much-needed transport services in the region.

Bridge construction across the Luapula River and Milenge, Ndola Road

This will create an urgent connection between the two regions, the bridge will link the Luapula and Copperbelt Provinces.

Kafue and Ziwa Railway

This railway will link Zambia (Kafue) and Zimbabwe (Ziwa) which is 341km in length. It will also provide the shortest route to port of Beira in Mozambique creating an interconnection for a critical cargo transportation corridor.


Cage Fish Farming

This opportunity aims to create cage fish farming on Lakes Meru and Bangweulu.